You have an idea to boost revenue. But the software you need is out of reach. We transform your ideas into awesome software. Our team is inspired to bring world-class software development right here to the heartbeat of Africa. Tell us about your experience and let our professionals guide your next successful story.

Enterprise Software Development

There’s plenty of talent but without the right skills your software development project can suffer. Our expert staff will identify and fill the gaps between the skills you have and those you need to reach your development goals. We walk you through the steps to build a great product so you can free up your resources to focus on core business needs.

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Mobile Application Development

With the ever-growing dependence of the connected space on mobility, modern mobile apps are more complex, faster and have greater need to stay connected. It is important to stay abreast of best practices and changing industry standards. Let our experts help you, so you can stay focused on delivering your best product.

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Web Application Development

Client applications have become more browser-centric. Is your web app leveraging the latest technologies in web application development? Let us assist you to get the most out of your development resources.

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Are your legacy systems limiting your ability to adopt existing technology? Do you need new strategies for delivering your product or products to customers, partners and employees? Our expert staff can show you proven ways to seamlessly integrate your internal systems with external collaborators.

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Software Testing and Quality Assurance

At a very early stage of development we build in testing. Our agile process incorporates QA at every feature iteration ensuring that the delivered product is the best it can be.

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Combine software development and IT operations to deliver stable secure software that respond quickly to user demands. Find out how DevOps practices like proactive monitoring, continuous delivery and integration can help your company’s bottom line.

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Who we are

Kunata Logic connects highly skilled African technology professionals from outside the homeland with African companies looking to find affordable world-class technology solutions for their experiences.

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