Who we are

Kunata Logic connects highly skilled African technology professionals from outside the homeland with African companies looking to find affordable world-class technology solutions for their experiences.

With shortages of software engineers growing all over the place, companies from everywhere have been looking and finding in Africa top talent to meet the needs of technology companies in the US and elsewhere.

Using a “distributed work” model, home-grown African software engineers are groomed and siphoned off to do offshore work while remaining onshore. The real irony is that the cost of engaging these engineers puts their services out of reach for home-based African SMEs seeking technology to power their own growth.

In the global economy, technology adoption is crucial for success no matter what a company does or where it has set up shop. Here again, African companies face a competitive disadvantage. The resources they need for success are available in their midst but they cannot afford them.

We see incredible market opportunities for technology providers like Kunata Logic in the teeming unharvested technology crop in Africa.

We have a dedicated team of highly skilled professionals with over one hundred years of combined experience and leadership roles in information technology, data communications, systems engineering, software development and cyber security.

Our team has been transforming ideas into success stories with awesome software. The goal in every project is to enable superior outcomes at every point of the project lifecycle. Tell us about your experience and let our professionals guide your next success story.

Main services

Web App Development

We build new world-class web applications
or upgrade current ones.

Mobile App Development

Providing users with the extensive
experience of working on mobile
projects on the go.

Enterprise Software Development

Creating engaging stories that are
both interactive and effective.

IT Consulting

Providing 24/7 assistance without any hidden fees.

Work team


Country Director


Mobile Engineering


Cloud Engineering/DevOps


Mobile Engineer


Machine Learning




Partner Success




Data Analytics




Web Engineer


Partner Delivery


If you can do IT, we want to hear from you. We are looking for those special individuals with the passion, the thirst to learn and the excitement of the most under-utilized workforce in the world. We have only one rule: In whatever you do, be the best at it.

Current Job Openings

Mid .NET Developer

  • • Knowledge in the .NET technology stack .NET/Core, C#, ASP.NET/Core, Web API.
  • • Experience in designing application layers, patterns, architecture styles – SOA, N-Tier.
  • • Experience in Code design principles - OOP, SOLID, TDD.
  • • Experience with Agile/Scrum methodology.
  • • Experience with enterprise software development tools - Communication Protocols, ORM, RDBMS, automated testing, version control (Git), CI, deployment tools.
  • • Familiarity with front-end JavaScript frameworks.

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Solution Process

Kunata follows a well-defined, predictable solution engineering process that offers the best outcomes for efficiency and productivity. Many companies fall into the early trap of aligning new projects to past experience. At Kunata, we understand that each engagement has its own unique requirements. So starting out, we conduct an in-depth technical analysis, not based on pre-conceived assumptions but one which takes a fresh new look at what the project brings and what approach should be applied for the best outcome.

For a successful product development, our solution process is broken down into three high-level steps. These steps are for a typical software development project. Not all projects will require all these steps. For example, projects that are of short duration or with requirements which are unlikely to change may not be suitable for all of these steps.

1. Discovery and Analysis

  • Gather requirements
  • Map solution to requirements
  • Create Design

2. Planning and Development

  • Build Team
  • Use Agile Scrum
  • Build Product
  • Test
  • Deploy

3. Maintenance and Support

  • Enhancements
  • Updates
  • Support
  • Analytics
  • Software maintenance
Discovery and Analysis
The Discovery and Analysis phase is required before development can begin. In this phase one or more senior technical members of Kunata meet with all stakeholders on your team to understand the primary business objectives of the product, define user requirements, evaluate the technical feasibility of the project and establish the criteria for success.

Based on the requirements Kunata will create a solution prototype. A typical software solution prototype will include the workflow, the screens and the use cases to be implemented.
Planning and Development
After the design approval, Kunata will put together an implementation team, create a project schedule and start building.

The first step in the building process is to select the technology and tools to be used for development and collaboration. We also set up the development, test and DevOps environments.

The team will then proceed to wireframe the screens and develop a UX prototype. After all stakeholders are satisfied with the design, the team will begin delivery of the application features defined in user stories and delivered iteratively within specified scrum sprints.

At the end of each sprint, each feature or function delivered is quality assured to have met acceptance criteria defined for the feature.

When all the features have been implemented and end-to-end tested, we help select and configure your production server or cloud infrastructure and deploy the product to the production environment.
Maintenance and Support
In most cases our job is not done after you go live. Because your success is our goal, we aim to establish a long-term partnership. As your product evolves to meet new demands, we stand ready to deliver enhancements and optimizations, support and maintenance, and new feature development.