Web App Development

Leverage the experience of our expert web development team to tell your success story to the world. The web applications we create include enterprise systems, web portals and industry specific solutions. Our experience enables us to address the needs of companies in banking, finance, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, workforce management and telecommunications.

We build new world-class web applications or upgrade current ones with needed modernizations or customizations.

Mobile App Development

At Kunata, our talented team builds mobile apps to exacting standards. Leverage our mobile app development experience to mobilize your workforce for productivity on the go.

The mobile space is rapidly evolving, so at Kunata we make it a point to stay abreast of emerging technologies. Our mobile capabilities cover native and cross-platform development so that we can provide our customers a wide spectrum of services.

We are an Android and iOS development company and we deliver solutions on either platform when your native app calls for one or the other. We work with various types of projects, whether you are a startup proving your concept or an enterprise delivering secure mission-critical mobile platforms.

If your mobile strategy is cross-platform, we cover that too. We leverage our front-end skills to create a single codebase for faster delivery and reduced cost.

Enterprise Software Development

When your business has many operations and you need a solution to support all of them, you need an enterprise application. Kunata’s experts help partners achieve successful outcomes in enterprise application development using best practices and our deep knowledge of system integration and custom software development.

Whether in technology consulting, developing an application from scratch or modernizing legacy software Kunata is ready to bring you solutions that ensure success.

IT Consulting

Looking to improve your software architecture or create a technology strategy for your mission? We offer IT consulting services to help you make the transition from where you are to where you need to be and beyond. We provide a wide range of consulting services: product engineering, execution strategy, analysis of your current business and enterprise software, change management and IT/business alignment.

Does your development team have the skills to take your development effort to the next level? Our consulting service includes real-world training for your development team. We conduct classes and seminars customized to target and address your specific needs. We focus on what is important to you and emphasize those aspects that will help your unique situation.

Software Testing and QA

We provide end-to-end testing services at every stage of the software development lifecycle to ensure that all the pieces of your solution are performing as designed. We have solution and tools to test for code quality, functional, usability, regression, performance and security issues. Depending on your particular project, we employ both manual and automated tests.

If your QA workload is too high and deadlines are looming, or you simply want help developing a QA strategy, find out how we can help you achieve your goals.

DevOps Service

Take advantage of Kunata’s experience in automation and continuous delivery to streamline your builds, delivery and release cycles.

DevOps establishes close collaboration between software engineers and operations specialists in configuration management, deployment, version management, release orchestration and much more, to ensure that you deliver quality software faster.