Android is a popular platform for mobile development is one of our core strengths. Most smartphones in Africa and around the world run on Android. Our team helps companies deliver high-performance, reliable and secure Android apps. We build apps for multiple devices for a variety of app types from business apps to FinTech to IoT. We provide full-cycle development services and anything in-between.

Programming Java, Kotlin
IDE Android Studio, Eclipse
Technology Android SDK, Android NDK
Design Material
Support Jelly Bean – Oreo
Database SQLite


We realize Apple users are very demanding so we make sure that our iOS and Swift developers have the expertise to meet the expectations of Apple fans. Our iOS developers make every effort to stay abreast of the languages, tools and frameworks required to build apps using the latest technology.

Programming Objective-C, Swift
IDE Xcode
Technology iPhone SDK, Cocoa Touch
Design Autolayout
Support iOS 8+
Database Core Data


.NET is our core competency. We have a strong unit of competent full-stack .NET developers in this popular platform. We offer custom services across the full .NET family of windows, web, data access, web services and cloud technologies.

Programming C#, Visual C++
IDE Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code
Technology ASP.NET, .NET, .NET Core
Web Services Web API, WCF
Database SQL Server
Data Access EF, EF Core, ADO.NET


PHP and MySQL are very popular for building dynamic websites because of their open-source nature. Add to that, the powerful extensions and their ability to run on multiple operating systems and it is easy to see why LAMP technology is very popular for web development. We have a highly qualified team of LAMP developers that will deliver web apps capable of running on various platforms.

Programming PHP, Python
Framework PHP(Zend, CodeIgniter, Yii), Python(Django)
Technology Apache
Design WordPress, Drupal, Magento
Support Linux, Windows
Database MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle


The MEAN stack of technologies is a good choice for developing cloud-native applications and it is growing in popularity due to its scalability and flexibility. One of its advantage lies in the fact that it relies on the use of JavaScript for development throughout all the application layers.

Kunata has some of the most advanced JavaScript developers here in Africa building a host of fast, scalable apps withthese technologies:

Node Package Manager